Wiz5200 chip (8 sockets, still SPI)

Hi has anyone (Joe ;)) looked at Wiz5200, the newer chip that seems very similar to the Wiz5100 except it now supports 8 sockets not just 4.

There’s now a lot more support for ENC28J60 over SPI in the netmf (gadgeteer modules in particular), but memory constraints down in USBizi land still seem to me to be something that will still need to be controlled, and the 4 extra sockets would be handy so this might be a sensible updated version to consider - especially if it’s compatible with the Wiz5100.

We have looked into it. Nothing is set yet but we are always looking into giving you the best possible option.

That’s a valid option. Thank you Brett.

great, thanks for the input.

I just posed the question whether there are direct guidance on how much work might be involved in doing this
http://www.wiznettechnology.com/sub_modules/en/technical/Q_A_View.asp?boardcd=101&SF_AO=&PK_NUM=26088&page=1&SF_Part=writer, subject, contents&SF_KeyWord=&SF_AO=

I might grab a bare W5200 (or a handful) if I need anything from Saelig anytime soon.

tangential thought. Any reason we couldn’t use, if we wanted to, the Wiz5100 code on the larger framework devices (thinking Cerb40 specifically)?

No reason and yes you can use it. This will be an easy way to ass multiple Ethernet interfaces if you need to. We talked about this in the past but we haven’t registered enough interest for doing so.

oooh, Fez Router…

I’m trying to track down a Wiz810io in AU. Hoping they are both available and reasonably priced, as well as being simple to change the W5100 to W5200 code (drop-in replacement would be better but I am probably dreaming :))


I’ve looked and I reckon the Wiz820io module is the one to get. I have eliminated any chance of getting local supply, so I’m going to order from Saelig or Wiznet direct and wear the big cost of freight. So my question to you is, is it worth getting them? If you haven’t looked then that’s ok, but if you have and you think this is something that will fly I’ll go ahead and order a couple to try (and if you want some to try yourself let me know and I’ll ship some to you)

If we were to officilh support it, this will be in far future. Nothing in near future as we are overloaded with many new things. If I were you, I would not spend money on this.

This is something i wanted to do for some time now but i still have 2-3 project before this one. I was planning on making a board with this chip that would fit into FEZ Rhino and updating the W5100 source code. Brett, if you (or anyone else) are interested in this subject and are able to solder this small QFN package (see picture) I can send you one (I have three).

Thanks Gralin for the thought; at this stage it’s not something I have at the top of my plans either (4 sockets is just somewhat of an obvious restriction that it’d be great to work around). I don’t know if there’s enough of the source available to make the effort worthwhile solo or whether it’s something that Joe/GHI need to be heavily involved in. I haven’t taken a close enough look at the device nor honestly the W5100 to know if the delta between the two is trivvial or challenging. I was kind of hoping that Wiznet would have aimed to design this as a drop-in upgrade to just give more sockets and need little changes in your code, but I can’t easily see that…

Nothing serious for W5200 in the near future. :frowning:

On the other hand, lwip TCP/IP support on FEZ Cerberus is on it way out with Ethernet ENC module. I believe you will get 16 sockets (not sure yet) with standard NETMF socket libraries. Isn’t this more attractive than W5200?

not when I have a heap of Panda and USBizi chips :slight_smile: Future wants vs current needs I guess… yes Cerberus / Cerb40 will be awesome in the future but today I have a lot of stuff already…