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WIZ5100 : dhcp() default hostname change?


Hello !

When using the new WIZ5100 DHCP functionality, the board registers to the DHCP server with a “GHI” hostname. When you have a firewall, the device is then now referenced as “GHI” (see wireshark screenshot attached).

Since I have several GHI devices communicating on my Lan, it is not very easy to know who is who ::slight_smile: . Also if I build a commercial application, I would like the board to register with its own name !

Is there a way to change this default hostname ?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: !


I have yet to try out the new DHCP, so can’t comment on if this is a known thing or not; but I would guess that this will be hard coded in the native code so I expect it’ll need to be a feature request that GHI will address in a later firmware version. It is a great idea though, although it still isn’t a real “address” you can use elsewhere for instance another Fez talking to it - might be worth using the NetBios naming code from Wouter if that’s your main aim

PS: you could of course always look at the MAC address you gave each board, since they must be unique. As long as you’re good matching those up yourself it can at least tell you which one is which.


I am not the networking expert at GHI but I am curious about this. When you have 2 phones from the same type then so they present themselves on the network? what I mean is that this is not an option that is available on any device, right?


@ Gus,
If you look at a firewall DHCP leases table on a Lan, you see many devices.
PCs, switches, servers, IP phones, etc.
None of them register with “PC” or “IBM” or “3COM” but they (usualy) use their own device name, if they have one. Many that don’t have their own device name register with an empty string as for their name.

This would be most useful to the persons who configure / admin the firewalls. That hardly applies to a small home network, but makes a difference on a professionnal LAN.

And yes, when you have IP phones on a network, they do register DHCP with their own device name if configured so.

This is not a critical feature, so it will just be nice if it could be changeable as a new feature for the next SDK :wink:

I am right know using Dominos to develop some (very simple) devices to monitor what appends in server rooms (power use, UPS status, presence of water, temperature) for my own professional use.

@ Brett,
I agree with you, this is not a netbios name function. By the way, I am using a way simpler implementation of netbios of my own, look at beta code here:
What I would like to have is the netbios hostname actualy match the hostname shown on the firewall, to avoid mistakes and troubles !



We will look into either remove the registration name (like in the full TCP/IP support on FEZ Cobra) or provide an option to edit this name.



Thank you, just tested the new parameter in the new SDK, and it works great ! :clap: