WiX error in light.exe when building Gadgeteer module driver

Wondering if anyone’s run into this…I’m trying to build a new version of a driver for my IR LED Array module, specifically to support FEZ Hydra with taylorza’s awesome custom firmware.

I had no trouble creating a driver for FEZ Spider using the most recent module builder templates from gadgeteer.codeplex.com, but for some reason, the version I’m working on for Hydra is throwing an exception on build:

The file is identified as light.exe, which I’m pretty sure is part of the WiX build process.

The module driver template readme says to try rebuild instead of build if this error is encountered, but that isn’t solving it for me. The only differences between this driver and the one that works is that I’m only supporting NETMF 4.2 for this driver, and I’m requiring the Hydra driver in rather than the Spider driver.

Anyone have some experience with WiX, and have suggestions for troubleshooting?

@ devhammer - That path looks very long, is it possible that you are facing a similar issue to what we faced yesterday with the depth of the path?

Could be. Will have to take a look at that.

Sure enough…interesting that the symptom in this case was slightly different, but same root cause.

Guess I need to flatten out my project storage structure a bit. :slight_smile:

I know that the standard .NET IO classes do not support paths longer than 260 characters, in the Win32 API you can prefix the path with ‘\?’ to exceed that limit, so I suspect that in this case it was a simple matter of the application not being able to perform a file open due to the limitation of the .NET interfaces.

Update: Fixed the 250 characters which should have been 260 characters.

Makes sense. And while my “Manufacturer” name of “Devhammer Universal Development Enterprises” may be amusing to me, it’s certainly a major cause of the path length issues. D’oh!

@ devhammer - Cool DUDE :slight_smile: - I guess that was the intent behind the name

Warning: there are a few four-letter (not DUDE) words…

@ ianlee74 - Not THAT dude… :wink: