Wish I had C# and .NET for these ARM boards

I wish I could get C# and .NET to run on this board. Would make development easier and faster too. For now, I am running a custom Android 5.1 build on the NanoPi Fire 3 board that powers this. 8 cores at 1.4Ghz make this thing very fast. The LCD is 4.3" with 800x480 and capacitive touch.

It’s way more processing power than I need for this project but since when has being sensible ever stopped us nerds from doing stuff like this.

It’s going to be an open source design for a home air quality monitoring system. It has a number of sensors. PM2.5 dust sensor, CO2 sensor, a BME680 for temperature, humidity, pressure, and voc. I designed the frame for it to be open so that there is free air to sense what’s around it. Data will be uploaded to Thingspeak or whatever free service we can use.

All of the design files will soon be ready to go online once I have finished the sensor tests and the Android software will also be open source. I am not the best at graphics design so I am hoping someone will come along and create some snazzy GUI for it. :slight_smile:

PS. Yes, there is Debian for this board and I could run MONO on it but it’s very tricky to set up! and also to do real-time debugging. Android just works over USB or WiFi/Ethernet network and has pretty good tools for debugging and profiling your code.

PPS. I still tinker with GHI’s old NETMF on the STM32 and G120 but lack of getting STM32 chips ie. G30, G80 etc from Mouser has put a dent on moving forward with any of the new TinyCLR stuff :frowning:


You don’t need TinyCLR on this kind of boards, if you can run .Net Core & linux … I’m very impressed how fast things are changing in the mcu world …


Let me ask Mouser on this but can you give me more info. You can email me directly is sharing here is not desired. g@ghielec…

Hi Gus, sorry for the late reply. The issue is the restriction on sales of the STM32 to certain regions/countries. It would seem that the G80 and G30 and other GHI boards with TinyCLR should not be on this list as they are technically not STM32 devices as such as the cost is higher as they come with TinyCLR programmed into them. Maybe a talk with Mouser to open these up might be a good idea. I have also no idea which other countries fall into this restricted list.

Hi @Dave_McLaughlin I was told that Mouser had an error that they fixed. I wanted to talk to you about this but my email may have ended in your spam inbox.

Thanks Gus. I checked and now the G80 and modules are now showing as available.

I’ll consider them for the next project as too late for the current one.