Wiring for UART Handshake

How do you connect a Zigbee device for hardware flow control? Does the CTS of the Zigbee connect to the CTS of the Gadgeteer Device?

For sender and receiver these signals need to be crossed.
But you are connecting the com hardware to the controller I would assume that it’s a 1:1 connection: CTS->CTS, …
To double check you could try to find out if it’s an iput or output on each side.
in goes to out.

Maybe these links are helpful :

Connections :

RS232 sniffer (For me one of the most important things for testing !!)

@ Rein, How would you know if it’s an input or output port?

@ Mr. John Smith - Not sure, may be the schematics gives you a hint.
In fact its the biggest problem in serial commination ever: “to cross, or not to cross, that is the question”

Ok, then how do I know if handshake is working?

LED box give the answer… :smiley: