Wiring a Nordic nRF24L01 module to a Gadgeteer socket

Thanks Slawek. Yeah, you are right. I actually meant to do it that way but worded it wrong. The master is always on and the slaves initiate the communication and sleep the rest of the time. For my particular requirement this only needs to happen about once a minute. It is probably also possible to control the RF power output in order to save even more power by ensuring that the slaves always try to talk at the lowest possible power.

BTW, I just checked the RFduino website and notice that they have libraries and sample code available now. They also say that all the Kickstarter and backorders should be completed by end of November. Yay! It is going to open up lots of exiting new possibilities.

I just wonder, if someone manage to get NRF+ and Cerberus working together.
I don’t have NRF+ to test it, but if 6 and 7 pins are swapped, then also this line have to be updated?

Second parameter from pin 6 to 7...

Got some NRF+ modules and playing little with this. I have 4.2 framework installed, and couldn’t get working system. Some people in this thread have successfully made rf connection, could please anyone confirm if has been done this with 4.2.
My wiring seems to be ok, because I get 0x0E (decimal 14) from STATUS register, which is preset configuration.

If anyone is interested, I have updated the gadgeteer module for this project and it now should support gadgeteer 4.1 - 4.3. I have posted the module installer over at codeplex ( https://nrf24l01.codeplex.com/discussions/461941 ). If it works for anyone other than me then I will push the changes to repo.


Thank you very much. I will definitely try it and report back. I already have a couple of nRFL01 modules wired up with Gadgeteer sockets and I’m confinent my wiring is good because they work perfectly on the Medusa mini.

Hi Gralin… I might be doing something stupid but after I downloaded and installed the MSI file, I can still not use the Gralin Nordic NRFL01+ module that appeared in my Visual Studio 2010 toolbox, because it says it needs NET MF 4.1 and my project uses 4.2.

So I still was not able to try it out. Do you have any advise?

I was able to use module (with 2012 studio and 4.2 framework), but still couldn’t get data transfer between cerberus and arduino…

you can’t use 4.3 with vs2010… even if the target is 4.2, try vs2012

make sure you are using the + version of Nordic sensor.

i use + version. Between two arduinos without problem, but no luck with cerberus and arduino. I have same settings on both sides (channel, etc…)

It still cannot use it at all… even in VS2012. I’m sorry but the details are just too vague for me… When I run the MSI Gadgeteer_Nordic.msi, it gives no details about what gets installed and where. When I open VS2012 designed I can see a Gralin Nordic module under the tools but I cannot drag it to the right because of this 4.1 warning message. Without more details I can not get any further.

Gralin also mentioned that he created two simple apps that send data from one to another. Are those available somewhere? It feels like I’m missing some bit of info somewhere.

Don’t use module from toolbox. Add reference to GTM.Gralin.Gadgeteer_Nordic.dll, and make object in code. But even this way, I couldn’t get link between arduino and cerberus. My wiring seems to be ok, because the module returns status 14.

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@ tvinko - Thanks. Ok, I can now at least get started. I think what confused me a bit is the fact that there was something in the toolbox as well.

It would be really cool if someone uploads a codeshare example of a Cerberus board talking with an Arduino board via two Nordic modules. Or even just two Cerberus boards talking to each other. (I have something like that now, but I cheated a bit… I just use two Arduino’s as the serial pipe and just pump text data through)

@ KiwiSaner I Finally got my nRF24 talking between 2 cerbs.

Wired exactly as you showed here on page 2

Nordic Driver source downloaded from Gralins Gadgeteer Module here:

Sample code used was from Jay Jay here:

I used netmf v4.3 and Gadgeteer v4.3.6.0 (2015 R5). Since this is 4.3 and the module installer is not made for it, you must port and compile Gralins code, then reference it in your sample project.

I used 2 Cerbs with nRF on socket 6 (5 is fine too). Be sure to compile the 2nd one with a different name/address. I also set up my code to flash the LED on send and receive with a little sleep delay, and had them doing some ping pong.

Now, for my moment of BAD LUCK… the reason I had no success last time (a whole year ago now) was I had a BAD nRF24 module! I got my code set up this time, and was getting a Send Error on one device but not the other. Sure enough, a bad TX. So then once I replaced it and had everything working, I tested ALL my nordic modules (I have 10) to be sure they are all good. 9 ok, 1 fail. And of course, my FIRST experience trying to get this all working as a total noob to these radios and… I started off with the [em]one and only dud[/em], unawares. Sheesh!

Lastly, I am going to try and post an update to Gralins project for netmf 4.3 and a decent SAMPLE project (the main thing sorely lacking for noobs).


@ dapug That is great. I’m very happy for you that you got it right. At the time when I was last struggling with this I started using Arduino and that was working very well. So I did not really spend much more time trying to get it to work on NETMF anymore.

But it would still great to know it works well on NETMF as well. I still want to use this to interface to my RaspiVoice (Werner Terreblanche — Kickstarter) project from a Gadgeteer board.