Wireless Program and Debug


Has anybody had success using a Wixel, XBee, Bluetooth, or other wireless technology to upload programs and/or debug their Panda II?


I remember someone who did before. I think xbee

XBee with AT firmware has a transparent mode and allows you to send and receive data between two modules (anything you write to one uart will be available in the other), I guess it should be possible to use them to remote deploy and debug and i also remember someone trying it.

Yeah, it’s probably not much help, but I’m 100% sure I’ve seen a youtube video of someone wireless deploying their solution to a little FEZ controlled car.

Well I tried it a while ago. And I failed.

I used a Panda II and a xBee. I was able to communicate serial data from the pc to the fez using the xbee with usb debug enabled. However, for me it was impossible to deploy using serial debug with the same xBee.

If anyone tries it again an achieves something, please let me know…

What about NORDIC NRF24L01+
These devices looks transparent, aren’t they ?

EDIT : No. Stupid of me, this is SPI, not serial…

But debugging wireless would be great for all these moving things like robots, etc …

I have done it via Bluetooth.

I think I placed a page on the wiki, with simple video.

The problem is that you need a Bluetooth module that remembers it’s settings when powered off. Debugging only works at 115200 baud. Thus you need to set the Bluetooth module to interface at 115200, save the settings in the module, then you should be good…

Nice, I’ll try that.
But I don’t know a thing about bluetooth and I’ve heard there are multiple kind of modules. What modules did you use ?

I used this one, but without the board so I had to make my own board.

The price for that is insane though. I think he raised his prices by $100 because he is “away”?

See my page on the wiki:

I believe this is the same : http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_47&products_id=63

Sure on ebay this guy is insane …

Currently sold out at MDFLY, I’ll look for another source

EDIT : Available at an incredible more expensive price with thre breakout board ;D : http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=8_47&products_id=769&zenid=ulbea135ds0nfkgqdaortvdk66
10 in stock !!!

I can not infer from the datasheet if it stores the new baud rate between power cycles though. You will have to get one and test. Can’t guarantee anything…