Wireless mouse react bad when connected to USB Client

Hi, I read the following article:

I connected a wireless mouse to the usb port and there is a serious problem regarding to the

It requires two-four presses to react, What could cause this problem ?

Could the mouse's frequency be the cause?

@ bioengproject - There are many reasons this may not work as expected. In my case, I have a wireless mouse from Microsoft that doesn’t work so well to get started. In my mouse, the wireless receiver is attached to the bottom on the mouse, and there is a switch that turns off the mouse the the receiver is placed back on. This switch is bad on my mouse and it constantly disconnects/reconnects while I use it and causes similar behavior to what you describe. I would check things like this first. However, these are the other two steps I would take:

A) Make sure the wireless mouse works as expected on a PC
B) Make sure the USB Host is working as expected by connecting a wired mouse

If both of these work, I would try using a 50cm gadgeteer cable to see if moving the receiver away from the mainboard will help.