Wireless Communication with PC - Launch exe


I am a newbie to NETMF world and I have EMX development system v1.2.

What I am planning to achieve is to run an executable on a PC via EMX development board connected to the PC. I would have some sort of transmitter in my hand and when I click the button on the transmitter, it would send signal to the EMX board which would then communicate with PC to launch the executable.

Any suggestions how would I achieve this ?

here is my thought process so far

1> Communicate with EMX board using XBEE module ( any other approach pls let me know)
2> EMX board talks to PC via serial port. ( I am not sure about this how )
3> There would be windows service on the PC which would be listening for the incoming signal from the EMX board
4> If signal is detected it would launch the desired executable.

I would appreciate if you guys have any suggestions or any better solution.


@ Jayu - Welcome to the community!

My first thought is that if all you really want to do is push a remote button and have an app start on your PC then you are totally over complicating this. If you wanted to use XBee then you could certainly do that but have the XBee remote talk directly to the PC instead of the EMX (if all the EMX is really doing is relaying the signal…). There are also really cheap Bluetooth remotes that could be hacked for this purpose and talk directly to a Windows service to start up your app. Is there more to this project that we should know? If not, my suggestion is to not use a microcontroller at all.

Hi Ianlee,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your feedback. Yes you’re right I think I am over complicating this. I understand your proposed solution. Could you please guide me how XBee remote would talk directly to PC ? One last thing the PC in my experiment is not blue-tooth enabled.


You can hook something like this directly to your PC via USB then your Windows service would listen for it to receive a command. Very simple. Also, very expensive considering the cost of XBee modules.

You can add a Bluetooth dongle to any PC with a USB port for about $2.


An easy solution for this problem would be to pick up a cheap Bluetooth Powerpoint presentation remote that can be found on eBay for < $20 that would include the dongle & the button. You just might have to do a little research to find out which are easiest to control programmatically.

There are also other options - RF transmitters, etc.