Wireless Cloud Weather Station

I have been using this real world project to learn .netmf … however with a Cobra II Wifi and 4.3 , so has had some challenges …

I would appreciate some guidance

  1. Which assembly do the sockets now reside in? System.Net.Sockets.Socket; no longer exists in 4.3??? And how do I go about tracing this for myself? So I can overcome similar problems myself in the future.

  2. uPLibrary Azure … where do I get this and how do I add this to my solution?

Thanks for any help?

hi @ Robert.

Sockets come when you create a Gadgeteer project - and there’s a few things that happen behind the scenes that mean it’s probably the best way to get that capability… IF you need it that is :wink: But for a learning exercise I would use it (and then come back and ask about converting Gadgeteer code/drivers to netmf and mapping sockets to pins)

I am pretty sure http://ucloudy.codeplex.com/ is the project you want. Start by downloading that and checking it out - come back ask specific questions if you need

Hi Brett,

The weather station solution has code to access time server using tcp sockets;

Using System.Net.Sockets … I believe it uses 4.2, I have 4.3 and System.Net.Sockets does not exist???


System.Net.Sockets does exist in 4.3 and can be found in System assembly.

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@ David - helps if I add the reference :-[
@ Andre - have a lot to learn with VS IDE … thank you

Hi Brett,

I have downloaded ucloudy and opened … not sure how I go about using it; the weather solution has this reference? I assume this references ucloudy but how?

// using uPLibrary.Cloud.WindowsAzure.MobileService;

@ Robert24 - does this help?

you may wanne have a look at this thread as well, if you read it thru you should find code enough …


or visit Paolo Patierno’s page on code plex and work your way through …


I have a solution build :dance:

However; I get this when deploying?? I assume I am missing a link?

Assembly: uCloudy ( Attaching deployed file.

Assembly: Gadgeteer ( Resolving.

Link failure: some assembly references cannot be resolved!!

Assembly: wifi ( needs assembly ‘uCloudy’ (

Assembly: wifi ( needs assembly ‘System.Http’ (

Assembly: uCloudy ( needs assembly ‘mscorlib’ (

Assembly: uCloudy ( needs assembly ‘System’ (

Assembly: uCloudy ( needs assembly ‘System.Http’ (

Error: a3000000

Waiting for debug commands…

The program ‘[4] Micro Framework application: Managed’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).

@ Andre

if I clean the ucloudy 4.3 solution I get a lot of errors; if I build on the 4.2 is succeeds and then when I switch to 4.3 and build it succeeds, a bug in VS?

Example of 1 of the errors: I have made sure uplibrary is built with 4.3

Warning 1 The type ‘uPLibrary.Networking.Http.HttpBase’ in ‘c:\Users\woodcockr\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\uplibrary\uPLibrary\Networking\Http\HttpBase.cs’ conflicts with the imported type ‘uPLibrary.Networking.Http.HttpBase’ in ‘c:\Users\woodcockr\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\uplibrary\uPLibrary\bin\Debug\NetMf43\uPLibrary.dll’. Using the type defined in ‘c:\Users\woodcockr\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\uplibrary\uPLibrary\Networking\Http\HttpBase.cs’. c:\Users\woodcockr\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\uplibrary\uPLibrary\Networking\Http\HttpResponse.cs 8 33 uCloudyNetMf43

I have removed all the duplicates for http … from ucloudy 4.3 and it has built and deployed!

sorry fgor my “sockets” post. I thought you meant Gadgeteer sockets not networking sockets ! :-[ Oh well, good to see you’ve achieved your goal !

@ Brett … no problem :smiley:

So I have 2 issues …

  1. When deploying and debugging the board does not boot and start; if I try a zillion times eventually it runs … debug window does not show first debug Program Started… not a big issue but frustrating>
  2. More important … Azure tells me I have connections; and data sent … but no data in the table. I cannot find any documentation for ucloudy. I do not get an exception; string result = myTable.Insert(lastestSensorData) returns what looks like the json string?

Any thougthts?