Wireless arduino - small

Another one of my favorite on KS:


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Now that’s awesome. Can we get a DL40 to match it?

I have talked to them about the BT module on there :slight_smile:

I was watching this project as well, very cool.

They are releasing the BT module (RFD51822) at some stage and when they do i am going slap one on to some FR4 like their 2.4 RF module :slight_smile:

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i belief you can already buy them from http://www.rfdigital.com although that is what i understood from the KS.

@ NielsNL2 - the module buy itself is not released yet…

Cool work Justin, your keeping Gadgeteer on the leading edge of this stuff. Can hardly wait to get these.

@ Duke Nukem - You will soon have a pair :wink:

Nice module Justin

Thanks Architect - about to send off v1.1 with a couple of small changes, but from initial tests they work really well.
The BT version like the one on KS should be as simple - really looking forward to when the release it.

Does that sound wrong to anyone else, or is it just me? :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - hahahaha, after reading it again it is rather questionable!!!

I can think of pairs for a lot of things, but what is wrong with this one?

are talking about Justin’s modules?

@ Mike - good question, im getting all confused now…but in saying that half the things a seem to say/do could be deemed questionable :whistle:

the comment or modules?

Devhammer’s comment

@ Architect - he’s implying that my comment to duke is basically calling him a girlie…

Ha-ha-ha-ha! Pardon me. You guys are sick! :wink:

I will be careful with Duke. Who knows what he is building with all that Gadgeteer power. Before you know an army of G-minions will show up on your porch and will blinky you to death. :smiley: