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WinRT Gadgeteer


I would love to see a WinRT Gadgeteer mainboard. What I envision is individuals (consumers) buying the mainboard and then buying various attachments for functionality and then downloading the corresponding app from the Windows store.

l know it would be more expensive and have some issues to work out with exactly how the expansions could be attached.


I think what you’re really saying is you want one of these…


Yep, Ian got the idea right :slight_smile:


I am thinking something the size of a Roku (hockey puck) that would have the additional horsepower, access to the store (to distribute apps), RJ-45 & WiFi, and maybe HDMI out for connecting to a TV.

I just have 6 projects I want to combine, and 3 of them are Gadgeteer and 3 are WinRT and I want them all to be visible from the TV.


@ andre - I think you mean WindowsRT, not WinRT. Windows RT is an operating system, WinRT is the programming platform (terrible naming).

I want a device that doesn’t have a physical interface built in (no touchscreen) and has an RJ45. My programs are WinRT, so they run on Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 RT. I want to replace my Roku and a Cerb Bee and have the store to distribute apps into.

Microsoft really messed up on having Windows RT and WinRT as different things, makes conversations too difficult and Windows RT would very naturally be shortened to Win RT.


MS should have stuck with WOA for the OS, would have been less confusing than Windows RT. Plus WOA would just be more fun to say. WOA = Windows On Arm.


If Windows RT = WOA then that would make sense but they don’t. Windows RT currently only exists for ARM but that isn’t Microsoft’s plan. Windows RT will eventually exist for multiple platforms much like NETMF exists for multiple MCUs.


Didn’t I hear a similar argument about .NET at one point? That there would be .NET runtimes for Linux, iOS, etc?

You have to admin though, WOA would have been more fun to say.


Ever heard of Mono?

Except in this case I think you’ll see that Microsoft will be doing the porting.


Mono isn’t complete.


But it is pretty darn good…


Given the market performance of Windows RT so far, I believe it’s more likely that Windows RT in the future will have more in common with NETMF than you’d think.

To put too fine a point on it, it’s not a viable long-term platform, in my opinion.


Na. The face of Windows RT may change but the future of Windows insists that it has deprecate its historical baggage. The name of that deprecation is Windows RT.


That’s not a very nice way to refer to Mr. Sinofsky :wink:




Wasn’t he the one that was pushing for that very thing? Wasn’t he the driving force behind no Start button?

“cue the Rolling Stones”


It’s been said, but I don’t know if it’s true. It’s also been said that it was simply political, that Sinofsky didn’t get along with Ballmer…


Doesn’t NETMF currently only run on ARM based cpus? :slight_smile:


Nope. The current porting kit has solutions for (among others) Blackfin and SuperH MCUs.