Windows Phone 8 and Bluetooth

Has anyone been able to get a Windows Phone 8 device to communicate with the GHI’s Gadgeteer Bluetooth module? I have a HTC 8X and it can see the BT module, but it’s not trying to connect in a way recognized by the module (using Eduardo Velloso’s beta driver).

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Still waiting to get my hands on a WP8 device (AU they’ve only just hit stores this week in limited numbers - more in weeks to come). I haven’t seen an official confirmation that SPP profile is supported, even though I believe that’s the case, so I would want to test it myself :slight_smile: If you haven’t tried it, give my code a whirl and make sure you trigger the pairing once the module has stabilised, as I think the default code Eduard uses in main won’t work in general cases.

Actually, I’m not sure SPP is “simple”. I haven’t dissected the following (since I am way beyond my knowledge boundaries) but Bluetooth for Windows Phone 8 | Microsoft Learn is the place where the Bluetooth info is documented, but SPP is not explicitly listed there; if you look in the examples that are linked from here you might get further - looks like you need to leverage streams and RFComm (and I don’t know how those relate to SPP )

That second link ( is the one that gives me a bit of hope. While SPP is not listed as one of the supported profiles, Tim Laverty does refer to futures samples involving RFCOMM. And since SPP is based on RFCOMM, there must be some level of serial support.

yes, not “simple” but good chance something can work.

Tim’s sample code is up Browse code samples | Microsoft Learn is the direct link. There’s an RFCOMM example in there.

There is also a sample on Nokia’s web site Go to’s_new_in_Windows_Phone_8 and scroll down to “Phone to Device”. I need to play with this further.

I took Tim’s NxtCar demo and made some tweaks. It works just fine with the Gadgeteer board. At least I have one way communication from my phone to the Gadgeteer module working. His code was just pushing bytes over, I need to add some code to see if it’s getting data back. This bodes well for my project. I’m curious to know if that would also work for the Surface.

Communication works both ways. As long as you know what the protocol is going both ways, it’s easy to work with. And since you define your own protocol, the parsing should be the same on both sides.

sounds like a great project to be documented hint hint :slight_smile:

It’s part of the plan. :slight_smile:

Here’s a Channel 9 post on the sphero and WP8 Bluetooth… Shows | Microsoft Learn

Speaking of documentation…
My Gadgeteer/Bluetooth/Windows Phone 8 project was just posted on Channel 9


@ anotherlab Awesome project and documentation! Thanks! I’ve been trying to find time to blog about using WP8 Bluetooth in the same way. Now I can procrastinate even longer :smiley:

@ anotherlab - That would make a great community showcase post!

I was looking for a way to get @ Gus’s attention so he could add it before it went live on Channel 9, but I didn’t see any way of sending a private message on this forum.

@ ianlee74 - Gus probably doesn’t mind, but I don’t think it is a good idea to give somebody’s personal email openly.

Agreed. But he has posted it himself on this forum in many places in the past so I don’t think it’s a secret.

If you want to remove that post, I have the address now…

Well, just in case, don’t post my e-mail even if I have posted it myself before. :wink:

It is here now and will add to community showcase soon.

I do not emails pointing me to cool things but I am hoping not to get a private email asking me “how do I blink an LED” or “what is NETMF” :slight_smile:

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