Windows IoT core - G400d


I haven’t looked around any or downloaded anything to try. But I was wondering if there was anything on the roadmap to support running Windows IoT on the g400 family of boards?


It would have to be implemented by Microsoft, and it’s not going to happen.

Adding to that, the fundamental reason why not is because the device has to have a way to display the windows/microsoft brand to the end users of the system. Headless devices don’t quality for that. The BeagleBone module may qualify in the future, so long as there is a way to allow the end user to connect a display easily.

@ cyberh0me - I can’t find it. Alright, I concede:



@ cyberh0me - Well, huh. More like CE than I realized :slight_smile:

I too can remember that MS announced/mentioned a headles Win IoT for smaller, and one with Display for a Little bigger devices.

@ cyberh0me - I meant I can’t find the part about no headless devices, in the license agreement. Either I read the wrong document, or it’s changed. Windows Iot can be headless.