Windows forums

I have a working program, what Id like to do is add in some windows forums.
The Idea is to graphically change all my variables in the program, then simply upload it.
I don’t think this is possible or am I missing something?.

I think you mean forms.

Take a look at Glide project. It is designed to give windows and controls to projects that need user interface.

If I understand you right, you have a working NETMF program, that runs on a device.
Now you want to write an Windows program with a form, that allows you to modify some parameters of the NETMF application.

To do so you first need to decide by what you connect the Windows computer to the device.
There are several choices:

  • Ethernet
  • RS232 (Serial Port, quite rare on todays computers)
  • USB via an USB Serial module (is like RS232 connection, but with an USB connector on PC side)
  • WiFi
  • BLE (or Bluetotth)

Once you have chosen the connection, you need to decide how you will transferee the data.
Once you have decided which interface you will use, you should look through codeshare and the forum for examples.

All of the connections above allows you to send binary data in a serial stream.
The main difference is the price of the needed modules and the amount of work you need for initialization.

Ethernet and WiFi would also allow you to make a webserver on the device. By this you wouldn’t have to write a windows application.

Hope this helps you to get started.

@ Architect - Thanks that’s interesting and just might work
I’m not looking for blue tooth wireless or any other thing. I’m trying to change the program itself, once changed simply upload it.

That’ll work too. Check out the forum. Justin has been sharing some videos how he control his setup via Bluetooth from Windows Phone device.