Windows Embedded with GD400?

Is it possible to run Windows Embedded on the GD400 Module Main Board? If so does GHI provide a BSP for it? Can it support the net compact framework as well?

I ask because I am not quite sure the .NETMF will be powerful enough to do what I am trying to do, which is to parse frames from an IP camera and send them out to a server. Frames would be mjpeg format.

Anyone have any experience of .NETMF running GHI boards and doing this?

Theoretically, it’s probably possible. GHI certainly doesn’t supply a BSP for it, or if they do, they’ve kept it very quiet.

As for doing it with NETMF, I think you’re probably way outside of what’s possible even on the G400.

G400 is a netmf device, and as Godefroi says GHI haven’t publically released a BSP - you should approach them directly if you have a commercial need.

Having said that, define “parse”. I think the real limitation that “real time” and “video” will be transferring data; netmf isn’t optimised for hi-speed transfer, no matter what the data. If you only had a frame a second, at a smaller resolution, you might find a way to get it done.

@ emw1909 You are referring to WEC7? Have you seen this thread:

Thanks guys, When I say parse I mean taking the Jpeg Frames out of an mjpeg stream and sending each one to a server. It would have to be at least 15 times per second, which I figured might be much for .NETMF boards, but wanted to check to see.

Is it an issue with .NETMF itself not being fast enough to handle that or is it an issue of the board that it is running on? If I had a high end board and ran .NETMF on it could it be possible? Thoughts?

@ emw1909 - The G400 is just about the most high-end board available that runs NETMF, other than something like a PC running the emulator.

Isn’t MJPEG just a bunch of strung-together JPEG pictures, essentially? Maybe you could parse it, but I’m not sure that you could even move the data fast enough over the network, even if the parsing was free. NETMF isn’t known for high-performance network throughput.

Yes mjpeg is “basically” a series of jpeg images. I already am parsing them and have a version of code working and am running in .NET, but we want to shrink the hardware necessary to do this. I may just have to look at WinCE and .NETCF as an alternative.

Although not the cheapest route, better than a full blown operating system of Win7 when this is all the hardware needs to do…

Have you investigated a Pi and Xamarin? That’d be significantly cheaper than any CE setup, I imagine.

Yes I have a couple of Pi’s laying around. I thought Xamarin was used for creating mobile iPhone / android apps in c#. Does it have some other functionality that would allow me to run c# code the way I am looking for with a simple program that is pulling the frames?

That might be the way to go, just didn’t know if was meant for that.

Just curious, when you say .NETMF isn’t known for network thruput, do you mean the speed of sending data thru an Ethernet port?

Sorry, not Xamarin, I meant Mono.

And yes, I meant network throughput. It seems from your description that you’re taking in MJPEG over Ethernet, and then sending out JPG over Ethernet, and TBQH, this isn’t really the area where microcontrollers shine.

Thanks for all the replies. I received info from GHI directly about exactly what you have said in regards to network thru-put. I appreciate all your responses. Going to look into Rpi and Mono with C#.