Windows Blue (8.1)

SINofsky: "If you listen to customers (and vector back to the previous path in some way: undo, product modes, multiple products/SKUs, etc.) you will probably cede the market to the new entrants or at least give them more precious time. If technology product history is any guide, pundits will declare you will be roadkill in fairly short order as you lack a strategic response. Theres a good chance your influential customers will rejoice as they can go back and do what they always did. You will then be left without an answer for what comes next for your declining usage patterns.

“If you dont listen to customers (and stick to your guns) you are going to ‘alienate’ folks and cede the market to someone who listens. If technology product history is any guide, pundits will declare that your new product is not resonating with the core audience. Pundits will also declare that you are stubborn and not listening to customers.”

Sinofsky of course chose option B…i really don’t think it had to be an either-or choice. Desktop and tablets are two very different beasts…

I feel like Windows 8 with a native start menu/boot to desktop mode is a great product. I’ve been using it on my desktop computer for a few months now with Classic Shell, and for the most part it works perfectly.

Based on my experience there really isn’t much incentive for a Win 7 user to upgrade unless they are running a tablet or touch screen though.

I tried using some of the new Apps that were default for playing music/viewing images/etc… and they were really clunky with a mouse. Grabbing the top of an app and dragging it down my 23" monitor doesn’t feel superior to clicking an X to close. I guess Alt+F4 probably still works, but I doubt the general public knows shortcut keys.

I ended up changing all my default programs to those from previous Win versions.