Windows 10 with Gadgeteer

@ Gus -

Sorry if ‘out of place’ but…

Windows 10 didn’t included support for serial ports yet

Could you explain this. I’m a blockhead and ---- You get the picture…

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ok let me explain: “Windows 10 didn’t included support for serial ports yet” :slight_smile: It is exactly just that. Once Microsoft release windows 10 with serial port support on the raspberry pi then all U modules will work.


@ Gus -

Once Microsoft release windows 10 with serial port support >> on the raspberry pi <<

I get it now…

Sorry if this is obvious/already answered, but what about the MultiColor LED?

@ Squeebee - that uses the daisy link protocol, basically software I2C. So it can work but not currently supported.

There is the 7 color led that is supported today.

Drat, should have ordered more than just the Cream then. Next order!

There is still time today to order! :whistle:

Hi there,

The cellular module [url][/url] is going to be supported by FEZ HAT and FEZ CREAM?.

Actually, I will develop some systems using windows 10 and Gadgeteer and need to know that before ordering somo of these


@ r.ricardog - the modem is simply a serial port. However, I am not sure Howe much support there is for ppp in Windows 10 iot

Doesn’t look like it is in there, or if it is, it is not readily accessible.

The namespace Windows.Networking.Vpn.VpnProfile is ‘unsupported’ and rasman.exe (the command-line config utility) and rasphone.exe are not present. Unless there’s some other super-secret way to turn it on, I’m guessing PPP and VPNs in general are not supported (yet?).

EDIT: Ugh, right answer, wrong PPP thread.

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[quote]Gus says several months back:
note that the supported modules are just what we have immediately. Drivers for more modules will come very soon.

Have there been any new devices supported? I am particularly looking for the N18 display


Sorry this took much longer than planned but we are just about ready.

Of course, we already have a c# driver already, you just need to move to Windows. I am guessing it is few hours of work.