Windows 10 for Devices is here!

No worries.

IoT Core isn’t licensed for production use yet (it’s not production ready by any stretch) so if you have a near deadline, you’re better off going with what you know works today. (Mono, G400, etc.)


@ Pete Brown - That decision is a big deal Pete. So you saying that based on your current knowledge all things considered I should definitely go with my default solution of a G400-S/D + USB hub IC, as opposed to waiting on Windows 10?

It really depends on the hardness of your delivery date.

Windows IoT Core is not going to RTM before Windows 10 does. We haven’t released a date yet as to when that will be. As much as I’d like to see you use it, if you have an actual hard deadline, you can’t base plans on something that isn’t yet released and has no announced RTM date.

But if you want to go with Edison, it’s not going to be a short-term thing if we do it. It’s not among the listed launch boards at this point. In that case, I’d say definitely go Linux and .NET (either Mono or .NET Core).

Feel free to email me at pete dot brown at microsoft dot com if you want to discuss this privately.


Well thanks for the advice Pete.

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It is public now and you can download this version from the Intel website. My interest in the Intel Edison is commercial as well. I have not downloaded the latest version yet but I believe the MCU SDK functionality will be a big step forward for the use of the board. Shame pin voltage is 1.8v and not 3.3v…

I can forward you the email if you would like?