Windows 10 for Devices is here!

Back in 2008, GHI Electronics signed its partnership with Microsoft on the .NET Micro Framework. The developed products and the amazing community since then have been a top notch. The passions never ended for .NET and the search continued. When recently approached by Microsoft about the plans for Windows 10 running on devices, including a full .NET Framework, it was an automatic forward step. Today, we are eager to announce our commitment and involvement in being part of the building of the Windows 10 ecosystem.

The plan includes many short and long term goals. Some of these goals are in providing extension hardware and software to existing devices, like the Raspberry PI 2. This includes the FEZ Meringue, an extension board for the Raspberry PI 2 with multiple sensors, PWM outputs, Analog inputs and easy connection points. This hat will become the “topping of choice for every Pi!”. More details with a dedicated announcement to come in the near future.

We are also bringing .NET Gadgeteer to Windows 10. The “plug-and-play” experience offered by .NET Gadgeteer is a must have, especially to software developers who may not be comfortable with soldering irons. This will be available in the near future. In the long run, we are working with Microsoft in integrating Gadgeteer support similar to how it works now in NETMF for even further simplicity.

Everyone is invited to join the Windows 10 movement. Any suggestions, help and news will be part of the new section on the GHI Electronics forum, dedicated strictly for Windows 10. Have you ran your first embedded application on a device running Windows 10 yet? What are you waiting for?

Just in case you missed it, the FEZ Meringue and the FEZ Cream made it to //build 2015 (thank you @ Pete Brown). The FEZ Cream is a .NET Gadgeteer HAT prototyped for //build strictly as a proof-of-concept. The production HAT is still on the design table and being drawn up. To view the .NET Gadgeteer //build 2015 debut please click the following link and fast forward to the 6:40 minute mark, Shows | Microsoft Learn

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Exciting times are ahead. Can hardly wait.

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Wow! Amazing News!

I love Gadgeteer and my Raspberry Pi 2.

Perfect marriage for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Very exciting! Looking forward to new hardware that will be more commercially oriented than the Pi2. Quad Core version of G400 maybe?

So does this mean that Windows 10 is replacing Windows Embedded or Windows CE? (whatever they call it now.)

The problem I have now is deciding what direction to go with the new products I am working on now.

I’d suggest to go forward :whistle:

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I think it is now [em]Windows HPC 2015 Mobile CE Embedded For IOT for Devices For Workgroups 10[/em] ™


It’s the 1st of May and I have not seem a new Windows 10 device… The Raspberry Pi 2 has been out for awhile.

Is the 1st of May the new 1st of April… It’s fooled me! :open_mouth:

New Site …
New SDK …
New Hat announcement …
New … shoot, I just remembered, I’m not allowed to tell

Well, a brand new day than … at least here in Europe (UTC +2)


Do not get me wrong I am excited about about Windows 10 especially the iot space and everything happening around the platform.

Just not excited about the current hardware available…

So the decision has been made then: It’s Raspberry PI2 with a Gadgeteer hat.

Well done; time to warm up the credit card.


@ Mr. John Smith -

Everything I’ve seen seems to indicate the gadgeteer hat (the Fez Meringue?) is still in the prototype/design stage.

I was really hoping it would be on sale… but Pete’s comments in the video seem to indicate it is a ways off from being a product.

I hope I’m wrong though …

I just need to know 2 things:

  1. Will FEZ Meringue give the PI a CAN bus
  2. What is the license cost of Windows 10 on the PI (cause I know it isn’t free)

from the Microsoft blog:

“To address emerging IoT device categories, we are delivering a new version of Windows 10 for small devices [em]that will be free for Makers and commercial device builders [/em]and device services to unlock new scenarios”
-Kevin Dallas
General Manager, Operating Systems Group - IoT

I think it will be free.

Also Win10 is a free upgrade to phones and PC. Even pirated versions are eligible for the upgrade. Free offer valid for 1yr.

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Also Win10 is a free upgrade to phones and PC. Even pirated versions are eligible for the upgrade. Free offer valid for 1yr.

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So it will be even harder to decide what mainboard to use in the future! ??? :smiley:
The future of Gadgeteer is really bright. I’m very excited!

EDIT: No comment on my stupid mistake.

That’s a way of putting it … So Gadgeteer is on honeymoon than … I hope it’s not taking too long than …

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Does this mean we have to wait nine months?

I sure don’t hope so …

GHI has a ton of working code. We (Microsoft) were the bottleneck. The Raspberry Pi build was pretty much unusable until the one we released at Build. Seriously. It wasn’t until I was at Build that we had a version with working I2C. :slight_smile:

So GHI designed the HAT in the blind. They have a working prototype on the Minnowboard Max and now a partially working prototype for Pi 2 (it needs some HW changes because we have some pins reserved that were not obvious up front).

I still have work to do on the open sourcing of the Gadgeteer designer/templates. Build completely consumed me from around February onward, so I’m behind there. Still happening, though.


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