Windows 10 Calculator

Windows 10 Calculator is awful!

Anybody know how to get the old one back?

I really like the new windows 10 calculator

What don’t you like about it? It seems like a massive improvement to me. I see reviews of the new calculator, where the reviewer doesnt think the new one has the old scientific/programmer modes, yet the new one has all these modes too, and improved imho.

Is it just the fact that the keys are more usable on a touch screen (bigger?)

You can always download the old one here

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@ mtylerjr - I agree. I like the new one. Only thing that would make it better would be an RPN mode. I still love my old HP48! :smiley:

@ mtylerjr -

What don’t you like about it?

I use the calculator often (Not good at mental math) and I like the layout.

I guess it is like saying why does anyone like dislike anything.

Edit: I forgot to say thanks for the link.

My main issue with it is that if I hit the Calculator button on my keyboard it pops up but I can’t just start typing on my numeric keypad, I have to click on it first.

Other than that it is fine, and I love that in programmer mode I don’t have to click anything for conversions between DEC and HEX.

That’s weird - I just tried exactly that scenario and it worked. Pressed the calculator button and started typing on the num pad. Focus policy might be a bit different if you are on a touch-enabled system, so that might explain the difference. The desktop system where I just tried it is not touch enabled.

How strange, I’m on a desktop and it doesn’t work, maybe it’s how the keyboard makes the calculator call.

I tried it twice, once it worked, once it didn’t.

@ ianlee74 - one plus for RPN, HP12C.

You could always try this one:

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@ mtylerjr -

My first electronics test allow using one of these! LOL

I bet I forgot how to use it.
Then again, no sure I want to remember

The last few days I have been doing a fair amount of bin/hex work and I find the new calculator quite convenient. I like the ability to switch to binary mode and toggle the bits directly. At first glance it looked a lot less capable in terms of the programmers calculator side, but I can honestly say it feels much nicer now that I have actually used it. Just an opinion of course and as someone recently pointed out “everyone has one” :slight_smile:

I must admit that I’m not a lover of the new Chunky look calculator either.

@ taylorza - This ability was there on the Win7 version without the need to switch modes.

You know. when I typed that I wondered to myself if that ability was there and I just never thought to click on the binary representation… :slight_smile: Well there you go, never too old to learn a new trick.

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My dad taught me how to use one, once, back in the 70’s. He worked at Goddard Spaceflight center - they were actually using them in the control rooms for decades… even up to the viking landers in '1976.

Do any of you have “slide rule widows” ?

@ mtylerjr - I still have my old one from my engineering college days!

But so can the new one…

I actually like the bit toggling in the new calculator better than the old one