Windows 10 as development platform

Hi, windows 7 is pushing hard to upgrate do windows 10

Does it is a supported platform for developint in .net microframework for an old fez hidra and a couple of mountaineer board?


I’ve been running VS2013 for all development under Windows 10 64 bit without any issues. I still do some work with 4.1 on a ChipworkX board and again, no issues.

I do loads of development with other IDE’s too and everything works fine under Windows 10. I’ve only seen one issue with a USB to Serial convertor but they are so cheap, I just got a new one. :slight_smile:

I was also paranoid about upgrading to windows 10, for all the development environments on my win7 installation.

So I just installed windows 10 alongside, and slowly started using that instead of win7, over the course of a year, triple booting (win10, win7 and Ubuntu)

I’ve found I don’t need windows 7 for anything anymore, aside from a Keil uVision installation that I can’t un-license and re-license because it is so old, but still needed for some legacy things, and also some microsoft code signing stuff that requires that [em]exact[/em] installation to generate security keys for Windows Update, that I don’t want to hassle with figuring out how to move that to the Win10 side. I do have a new keil license of uVision, installed and activated on a VM that I can move around now, so hopefully I can keep that alive through several incarnations.

Everything works though. No weird driver issues, or unsupported things. The only issue I had was being so impatient to install windows 10, that I installed the “N” version from the UK when it showed up on MSDN, instead of waiting 6 or 7 hours for the non-N version (with the media features that Europe sued Microsoft to leave out) to show up. I had issues installing missing media-pack features until last month when they released a 3rd version of the patch for build 1607. I also had a few issues on one of my machines updating from some of the preview builds, but all of that is over.

Win7 was great, WIn10 is even better.

Whilst, on the whole, I’m quite happy with Windows 10 there does seem to be some remaining gremlins around USB IMO. I couldn’t get the Spider board firmware to update under Win 10 (Error code 10) etc.

Last night I decided to reset my desktop PC to clear out all the old dross and after installing a fresh copy of Win 10 I was stuck at the settings page with the computer not recognising my keyboard or mouse (both USB)!!! In the end I installed Win 7 and then Win 10 over the top again.

The usb/keyboard/mouse issue is often fixed with enabling 'Legacy USB" support in the bios (or disabling it, I forget)

@ mtylerjr - Thanks for that tip - I’ll check the setting later and invert it.

I suggest you add more context to your comment. There are no issues I’ve seen in the 15+ months I’ve been using my Win10 device, including in beta, for programming any of my netmf devices. The only issue I’ve hit is the oft-talked-about EMX device could not start error when trying to update firmware.

All my pc are now on Windows 10, and even emx (fez-spider) coudl be update within.

Thank you to all… in the end i just reinstalled windows 7 and quite all working…