Window Background Imagine and Image Buttons

My GUI is based off the car was example. I’m trying to add a background image on the main window. I add the image first to the main stack panel before any other controls are added, though it seems to render last therefore on top of any other control.

What’s the best way to handle this?

Also, is there a good implementation to make an image button? Do I just add the image to button as a child? or do I need to figure out how to roll my own.


Take a look on Demo 20260D, you may find something there.

isn’t Button.backgound = image???

But if you want advance button image with transparent, you can take a look on Icon.cs class in:

TinyCLR-Samples\Official Demos\SCM20260D Dev\Utils\Icon.cs, that class inherit from Button and show how to use transparent api.