Window 10 - upgrade or not?

Everyone seems to be paranoid with the Windows 10 upgrade and Privacy. I hear everything from “everything you type or speak” will be transmitted to MS, advertisers index etc. etc.

Thoughts ?

I’ve upgraded all my machines and wouldn’t consider going back. I haven’t researched the claims you mention but I have serious doubts about their validity. I suspect those conspiracies come from the Cortana integration. I’ll admit that I do get a little creeped out from time to time when I see my webcam light come on at random times when Cortana is using its microphone if she hears me talking. You can always turn Cortana off if that’s an issue for you.

So, it’s Big Sister rather that Big Brother!

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@ Rajesh - I wouldn’t worry about it from a privacy standpoint, just make sure that you customize the settings during install, and you can turn most of the stuff off that’s causing the fuss.

Do be aware that OneDrive has changed significantly from Windows 8/8.1, and personally, I’ve been having a lot of problems with OneDrive resetting itself and making me go through the sign-in and setup again (it’s happened at least twice on my current laptop, which I upgraded a couple of weeks ago.

Other than that, I’m mostly happy with Windows 10, though I do find the tablet experience to be a big step backwards from Windows 8/8.1.

@ devhammer -

though I do find the tablet experience to be a big step backwards from Windows 8/8.1.

I am about to upgrade my surface pro 3. What issues are you seeing, or why do you think it is going backwards? The “Touch Mode” ?

Not sure I can explain it succinctly. The new/old start menu is great for desktop and mouse/keyboard, but not as easy to use with touch. I used the charms and swipe up to get toolbars in modern apps. Many little things that add up. Some of it is stuff that I could tweak, but hadn’t gotten around to.

FWIW, I’ve been running Windows 10 on my Surface Pro (original) and it works well for me there. It’s mainly been on my smaller Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet that I miss the old UI.

@ devhammer - Got it, thanks for the notes.

It’s mainly been on my smaller Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet that I miss the old UI.
I can’t get mine to charge or start up anymore. Have you seen that issue?

Yes. In all likelihood your USB port is busted. It’s apparently a common issue. I ordered a replacement part from Amazon, and will be attempting repair when I get home from DevConnections. Should be pretty simple…the back comes off easily (I used a couple of guitar picks to pry it off, starting at the sides furthest from the buttons), and then it’s all just ZIF connectors and phillips head screws. Should be able to use my hot air station to remove the old jack, then solder in the replacement.

Yes, it would probably be cheaper (if you consider my time) for me to send it to one of the guys on ebay to repair it, but that would require me to trust them with the data that’s already on it, since the battery is dead, and I can’t wipe it.

The privacy issues does not matter to me.

BUT as usual the device drivers for Windows 10 are not battle-tested resulting in serious lagging, BSOD missing devices and reduced performance. I am seriously considering to downgrade to Win8.1. Its a 3 year old laptop, I am probably forced to stay with 8.1.

Since W10 allows you to disable most (or may be all?) privacy transmission functions, I guess it’s even less an issue compared to W7/8.
You just need to make sure you disable all these features.
What I find a bit creepy (or at least I don’t fully understand) why I need to activate position transmission to use Cortana. At least on my desktop this does absolutely make no sens.

Without it how would she be able to answer questions such as “Hey Cortana, what is the weather forecast?”

That`s true, but making position tracking a requirement for Cortana would not be necessary I think.

Half the time I ask Cortana for directions, something highly ineffective without knowing where I am.

So far my new system runs Win 10 perfectly and to date my 2008 Macbook pro is happy with it too! Havent had a single BSOD or problem.
I do enjoy the irony of happily running win 10 on a mac that’s going to be to old to run the next version of OSX :smiley:

I suppose the experience is different depending on your hardware and usage but I feel just the opposite. To me, it feels like they finally (almost) completed what Win8 started.

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Same. Win 8/8.1 felt like a weird experiment gone partly wrong. . Win 10 feels like they kept all the good parts of 8.1 and none of the bad… something that made me want to upgrade all my devices.

I am completely in line with @ andre.m - and its amazing how big a subjective difference that same thing can have.

i totally understand you, windows 10 feels unfinished and buggy, to me it looks like microsoft released it at least 3 month to early

At some point you just have to shoot the engineers and go on to production.