Win8 and updating Spider or a Hydra FW to 4.2

Each has a different issue. Anyone have any clue how to get this to work with Win8?

Spider gets a driver warning on the GHI Boot Loader Interface in device manger
In the device’s properties, you see:
This device cannot start. (Code 10)

{Operation Failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful.

Hydra fails on updating the firmware.
Device will be updated automatically! DO NOT disconnect or turn off the device!
TinyBooter updated sucessfully. Version number:
Updating Firmware. Please wait…
Deploying C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI OSHW NETMF v4.2 SDK\FEZ Hydra\Firmware\Firmware\Non Ethernet\Config.hex
… failed!

Win8 is new. GHI mentioned that they will be doing testing on Win8 once it becomes available. I would use a VM meanwhile.

It is available and the final version is on MSDN. There have been public builds (Developer Preview, Consumer Preview, and Release Preview) of Win8 since 10/2011 :slight_smile:

They talking about availability of the official release to the rest of the public in October.

Formatted it on a Win7 box I brought up. Doing a direct plug into the tower versus a powered hub seemed to do the job as well. Seems odd that I was able to the boot but not the firmware on the hub

@ crutkas - Yes, there are many versions of Win8 available, but it seems as though they have changed something from Consumer and Developer Preview to the full release as I was able to successfully on several of our boards update firmware with Win8 Consumer Preview but we are receiving reports that it does not work on full release available through MSDN. We will most likely wait until printed discs of Win8 are available to ensure that we are working with a version everyone will have before we officially support Windows 8. However, did you try running the firmware updater in compatibility mode?

Edit: I now see I misread your last post, however I will leave this post up in case others come to this post looking for answers :slight_smile:

I ran through updating both my Hydra and my Spider using the RC GHI SDK on Windows 8 Enterprise RTM, and did not see any issues. Also tested deploying to Hydra successfully.

Seems like, at least In Clint’s case, it may have been a matter of not getting enough power from the hub he was originally plugged into, since the issue went away when he plugged directly into his PC.

Updated Cobra and Bee without issue on Win 8 Pro RTM x64