Will this LCDs work with Panda II?

Hi guys,
I tired using LCDs from Nokia, but found it all but impossible to de-solder the connection from the phone, to make a breakout board with 0.25mm lines ( as they would each out ) and, most impossible, to solder that connector to my board. So, the best solution would be to get an LCD already fixed to a breakout board. :slight_smile:

I found this two and just wanted to ask here, to be sure that they’ll work with panda2 ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It uses same ILI9325 LCD controller as Fez Touch. You will have to do some wiring, though.

Why not using Fez Touch?


Thanks! But if it uses the same controller, what sort of writing do you think would be needed?

Not a big deal. I just meant that you will probably not be able to just plug it in into Panada II’s 40 pin header and use it as is. ;D

same controller, not same pinout…and costs more than FEZ Touch :slight_smile:

If I understand right, all it takes would be just to connect the right pins to the right holes of Panda, right?
Its 2.8" , while FEZ Touch is just 2.4" and I can’t seem to find them in stock of my reseller in EU. :slight_smile:


If you want bigger screen size. Take a look here:


Cool! :slight_smile: only $29.80 and 3.2" + touch!
It also uses that ILI9325 controller?

ILI9327- is very similar to ILI9325

That way if I’ll connect the right pins, it’ll work?

@ Roger1981:

Yes, it will work. However the initialization may be a bit different than the FEZ touch. If you download this


you will find some example code for this display. Although it’s written in C++ for the Arduino you can extract the information necessary.

I ordered the 2.4" display from iTead about a month ago. It took almost 3 weeks for it to clear customs to get into the US. I just ordered one of these wide screen displays so I expect it will also take about 3 weeks to receive it :cry:



Changing initialization code will be a very simple thing. We can always help you with that. ;D

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: I’ll order a few screens from them.

You are welcome!