Will "Prototyping Shield" work on FEZ Panda II

I am looking for a beginners prototyping board for the FEZ Panda II.
The GHI “Prototyping Shield” (on Catalog) says it is compatible with the Domino.

Can it also be used with the Panda II?
Can someone recommend another alternative?


Yes it will work

It will work, and give you access to the IO pins that the Domino has; it won’t give you access to the Panda II extra IOs.

It does leave enough room to get at the additional IOs. Some of the bigger shields do not.

great image, that’s cool. Now you can see that you could wire up those IOs if you needed up into the breadboard

I’ve crammed a lot of stuff on that little breadboard. I particularly like the 6 count 5V and Gnd headers on the left edge nearest those extra IOs. I prototyped a whole bunch of Hall Effect sensors for signalling on my model train layout with this shield. Slap a small rare earth magnet on the leading and trailing ends of my trains and voila, automated occupancy signalling (a.k.a. lots of blinky red and green LEDs). This approach is much cheaper than available signalling systems and super fun to put together. Now I just need another Panda II to permanently mount on the layout 8)

Many thanks!