Will ChipworkX work with these components?


As the questions says:


I am new to NEWMF and was considering getting a board and a few sensors to implemented something I had in mind.

I am pretty sure that the FEZ Cobra would do the trick as well, but the ChipworkX is just so much more better!

So please humor my enthusiasm.


Chipworkx is made for high end needs and for engineers whonmake thier own boards. This is different than boards made for tinkerrers, like cobra :slight_smile:

Chipworkx doesnt have analog inputs. It is not 5v tolerant. It doesn’t have CAN…buy it is 6 times faster with database support.

so really the question is, what individual components do you want to use, and maybe we can look at each to say yes/no.

@ Gus, you mean the Cobra has 5V tolerant inputs?

Wouter, exactly.


The cobra is basically a USBizi (like the domino/rhino) with external ram/rom and ethernet.

@ MarkH, I already did a double check in the NXP LPC24XX manual before connecting anything :wink:

[quote]@ Gus, you mean the Cobra has 5V tolerant inputs?
Yes, this is correct, all IOs are 5volt tolerant on FEZ Cobra (EMX).
The EMX module is powered through regulated 3.3V only, NOT 5V.