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As some of you may or may not know for the last year I have been moonlighting a few days a week at Microsoft Research in Cambridge contracting to the team that created Gadgeteer amongst other interesting projects. This has allowed me to come into contact with other NETMF focused individuals within Microsoft which in turn allows for some interesting brainstorming and what if’s conversations.

So since in my humble opinion i believe NETMF is a great fit for a slice of the IoT boom I bounced some ideas with a fellow chappie inside MS and a plan was hatched…


In collaboration with Microsoft DX Lead in Morocco, who wanted to create something to get his developers excited about the IoT to help spring a new way to promote Job creation, by using NETMF and MS technology to help start ups… meet IoT DX Blue - hopefully the first of a line of IoT focused NETMF boards.

Blue Stats:
NETMF 4.3.1
Bluetooth Low Energy
Onboard Lipo charging
RTC crystal
Low power < 25ma at rest < 2ma sleeping
Small size
Bread board compatible


@ Justin - Very nice work. Let’s hope it gives MS the kick(motivation) it needs to properly get NETMF noticed both within and without the organisation and community.


When you say DX, what is that? Not DevDiv, I assume?


@ godefroi - Developer Experience


looks interesting but does it run arduino code?


It’s a very nice board, I like it a lot!

Is it going to be for sale?


Nice work … as usual.

Is this an internal project or OSHW :wink: ?

Also, what are the 6 pads underneath? Programming? Related to the BLE antenna?


@ mhectorgato - It’s for programming the BLE113 on the top. It has an internal antenna.


@ mike naturally :whistle:
@ godefroi I believe the intention is to get some in the wild
@ mhect… Dunno camp leader will have to answer…6 pads are for initial ble firmware then it can do OTA


@ Justin - I hope you don’t mind but I forwarded to some of the NETMF guys we talk to on a regular basis. ;D


@ Gary - magic


Thank you Gary for spreading the word… to our teammates :slight_smile:

the intension is to hopefully get it in the hands of our developers (ahemmmm) at no cost my hopes and ambition :), if all goes as planned. that’s the plan anyway, we’ll see how it will all progress :), no promises whatsoever… it still an idea :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft and all of this is my personal view, opinions, hacks and ideas and it does not reflect those of Microsoft… Which simply means if it doesn’t make it I owe you a 100th of a US penny minus all the legal charges :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone and i’m glad you guys like it…



@ Jay Jay - No need to thank me, we as a community are in this together! ;D


That’s up to 40 days standby on an 2000mAh battery. Not too shabby.


@ hagster - Yeah the new low power F4xx’s are pretty good on power.
Remove the power led and it would be even better…


@ Justin - get the screwdriver onto that evil power sucking LED.


Impressive board, another awesome job Justin.
What’s the price of these little beauty’s then?


@ hagster - there is a plan :wink:
@ hugh talk nice to Jay…


@ jay jay - what say you sir ?


@ Justin - Looks great…glad to see you’ve not been idle. :slight_smile: