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Wiki is open to all of you


The whole idea behind the wiki concept is that someone can make a page very quickly and then others can optionally fix little things on the page. If the page is visited 1000 times and only 1% of the users enhanced the page then you will end up with 10 users enhancing that page. In other words, wiki pages get enhanced over time.

Unfortunately, most users feel scared to updated pages made by other users. You do NOT need permission to update any page. If you visit our wiki and you see something that needs fixing, please feel free to modify the page…add pictures…add code…add link to your project (no external links so we do not end with broken links please).

I noticed that MarkH had fixed something so I want to thank you for taking time to enhance the wiki and I hope others will not be afraid from making changes in future. We will all benefit from the wiki on the long run…take wikipedia for example :slight_smile:

200 new points to MarkH :slight_smile:


Thanks Gus, i wondered where those points came from :smiley:

It’s really easy to go and fix things, anyone can do it! Jump on chat if you’re having problems and i’m sure someone will be able to help you out!


When I have some more spare time I will look into it :wink:


Same here, too many things to do, too little time. Many cases, it is not because we are selfish or anything but because not everyone has good formal writing in english :slight_smile: or just writing itself, just to name a few. That said, some that really take time to do this, they deserve to be Hero and rewards.

Just a thought.


Yeah, I really need to get more into the wiki. I have a number of pages I started…


dumb question, (do you deduct experience points) but where is the wiki???


Click “projects” up the top. It’s not very well labelled.


(link removed)