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Wii Controller Interface wiring schematic?


Hello, I’m new to the group and FEZ (or micro controllers in general).

I’ve just received a Wii (wired) Controller Interface brick, and I would love to get this connected and working with my Panda without the IO expansion card. I read through the posts on this forum looking for a wiring diagram for the Wii Controller brick, however I haven’t been able to find one.

I see on the Panda that Di2, and Di3 are the SDA, and SLC respectively, however I’m note sure how to wire these IO, power, and gnd to the Wii Controller Interface. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, I think that was a noob question :slight_smile: After looking at the back side of the board, and the cables that came with the controller, I see the following:

[ulist]Red wire = 3.3VDC[/ulist]
[ulist]White wire = data[/ulist]
[ulist]Black wire = GND[/ulist]

Anyway, using the Wii Controller driver and sample code the thing works great!!!