WiFiG25 SOM with Wi-Fi

Its crazy how much they pack on a board nowadays, yet keeping the cost very low.

Now this board would be a perfect .netmf board, IMHO of course :wink:

I bet this is not FCC CE which makes it useless

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Sure fro hobbyists. You really can’t make a product based on this, not in USA or Europe.

Even the misleading C(hina)E(xport) logo is missing :smiley:

30$ is interesting for such an OEM product and CE testing can be done by the end user in a final product. Or do i miss something?

Would you not have to do CE testing on your whole product anyway? I’ve no experience in this area, so it’s just wondering out loud.

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Correct but it is $5 vs 100K that is assuming you passed. I forgot to mention the wifi certification too

So if your individual components are already certified, it makes a product certification significantly cheaper to achieve?

Testing a product is easy, testing wireless product is not easy at all. Testing a product with a wireless module that has already been tested is easy… which is why WiFi modules cost so much money. It is the money put into certifications.

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Aha, makes sense.

And then you have UL testing, something that we as a battery manufacturer are obliged to if we want to be able to ship the goods…

Yep, certification testing affects the bottom line on wireless modules; unless you’re going to amortize the cost over 100K modules, you’re going to need them to be expensive.

you can get a bit closer to certification with this one using a OEM WIFI module.

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The one thing I would also add about armdevs is lack of direct support from the manufacturer. There is a forum but it’s not frequented by any of the manufacturers support guys so you’re on your own with them. I’ve used a few of their boards in the past for Android development but gave up on them due to minor issues and no support.

GHI is great on this respect even if the prices are a little higher. I would say this is worth it if you consider the amount of support we get in here alone.

FWIW, i was not trying to persuade people to use these devices. I was just so impressed at how much they pack on a board nowadays and still keep the prices so low.