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Wifi via USB



I know I can plug an USB Wifi key on the Domino… but, will it work ?

I’m sur the answer might be : “No but”…

So, is the “but” really difficult or just undoable ? :slight_smile:



There is not set standards on how they work so you will have to do 6 months of work to support one and then the manufacture will stop making it :slight_smile:


ok thanks

To bad that it can’t be handle like a classical Serial communication (as I do with the GPS using AT command).

I was expecting this kind of answers but I gave a shot… You never know :slight_smile:


If you want to know, we have been looking into this for about 6 years! WiFi USB dongles are very cheap and available everywhere. It would be fantastic if these can be used in embedded devices.


I’ve found that :

I don’t know if if can be of any interest ?

FYI, this is the chipset used in the Wifi USB dongle used by Phidgets SBC.

Page from the manual showing the Wifi USB dongle


We have all the code and a signed licence agreement to use it commercially I think, not GPL :slight_smile:


I was hoping that USB was more “normalized” for this kind of usb key… but no


Arf ! Didn’t notice it was GPL, sorry :frowning: