WiFI_RS21 question

OK - I must be an idiot. There’s gobs of technical information around here, but nothing that actually links it together.

I’d like to do something with a WiFi_RS21 module. However, the tutorial code does not build. And, there’s lots of examples, none of which seem to actually be complete and/or working for doing something (anything) easy. I used this link: http://wiki.tinyclr.com/index.php?title=WiFi_RS21_Module#WiFiNetworkInfo

and immediately ran into things that don’t work. For example, the RS21 module does not have a NetworkUp or networkDown method.


That’s my poorly written code :slight_smile: It was written against 4.1 with my FEZ Spider & GHI WiFi module.

Is that your environment as well?

I can say that code was tested and worked at one point in time. Unfortunately I can’t test again since I have “Win8” issues.

If it worked at one time, it’s not poor code. But obviously, things have changed for the better, but the code didn’t follow. :frowning:

I’m using the Spider board with the RS21 module and 4.2 NET (VC#)

Andre, thanks for the links. It’s very much appreciated. As I’m still learning the lingo and usage around here, can you answer some questions?

  1. Why is the device referred to as WiFiRS9110 instead of using the built-in WiFi_RS21 class?
  2. this program wants me to compile with /main to specify the entry point. For us newbies,that appears to be a command line invocation. Since I (at this moment) only kjnow how to use the CV# Express that’s pointed out in the tutorial, can you explain how to compile the program? (VC# is confused by the presence of two methods with the word Main in their specification…)
  3. using VC#, do I wire anything together? (I see specific initialization that I don’t understand, but seems to be the guts of the auto-generated code…)

your help is gratefully appreciated.

Before wifi, can I ask if you seen this and used it? http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/Gadgeteer/Mainboard/Spider/FEZSpider%20Starter%20Kit%20Guide.pdf

I did - and combined all sorts of things, extending the code to include a counter, displaying on the LCD, using the LED (multicolor) to tell me when I was taking a picture and when I was displaying it. That’s a good “how to”.

I’m a linux hack, so the VC# environment is somewhat foreign. Most of the folks that provide hints and tips here are obviously quite experienced in both the development IDE and the GHI stuff.

For those of us making a transition to it (or, rather, adding it to our arsenals :-)), there’s a “how it works” piece that is less well fleshed out. For example, I explicitly followed the instructions to install VC# and the other required pieces. SInce 4.1 and 4.2 can exist together, the pdf file doesnt’ match what the user sees. Most of that can be figured out - but what system things need to be included (“Using”) isn’t clear. The SD card tutorial refers to a string conversion from a byte strem that uses “Encoding.UTF8.GetChars()” but Encoding is not able to be resolved. I’m sure I’m missing something, but am not sure exactly what it is.

Compounding things is that help in the VC# environment doesn’t work, telling me I need to configure it. So, I’m not quite sure where to look.

I’m stubborn, and will keep searching, but at times the frustration gets fairly high. LOL

What I am missing is knowing what you exactly need. I have a feeling you are missing one little thing.

Help -> Manage Help Settings

I think I may know jzeevi’s feeling.
When I was doing Wifi related project in NETNF 4.1.,
I spends much time search in this Forum. Finally my project works.
But when I update to NETNF 4.2., it not works. I can’t find solution even now.
For new guy in NETMF may confused the version of NETMF, If he start in the newest SDK (4.2), but the example and related class stay on 4.1. , he may have some troubles.

But in fact, you will always get pains when you learn new tech.

Anyway, this forum is always amazing.

@ ianlee74 - I know how to get to the manage help section - but that doesn’t really offer any information about where the help files I should be configuring or looking for are. Got any pointers about that?

This is a complete WiFi example http://www.tinyclr.com/codeshare/entry/615

I usually choose the option to use the online help. So, I don’t install the actual files. If it isn’t working for you then you probably haven’t installed the files either. To choose to use online help do the following.

  1. Help -> Manage Help Settings
  2. If a window pops up asking for a directory, just leave the default directory and hit OK.
  3. “Help Library Manager” will open. You will probably be prompted to give it admin rights first…
  4. Click “Choose online or local help”.
  5. Click “I want to use online help.”
  6. Click OK.

@ ianlee74 - Thank you for those tips. That helps a lot. Do you know how to get the help to work locally? (I often travel and may not have good access when working)

There’s an option in the VS2010 setup wizard to install the MSDN docs. I think you’ll need to run your setup disks and choose the repair option if there’s not an option immediately to install the MSDN docs. Been a while since I’ve done that…