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WiFi RS21 on a Spider mainboard


I’m trying to get an RS21 WiFi module working on a FEZ Spider board. There’s example code in two places: the developers guide (linked to from and codeshare

Neither work for me. For example both use the method

wifi.Join(info, "MyPassword");

but I don’t have that method!

Where is any example code for the latest version of the RS21 WiFi module?


@ dumbledad - We will get the developers page updated as soon as possible. The interface methods have been moved to the interface object of the module:


Is where you will access that method


Thanks James. The line

WiFi_RS21.WiFiNetworkInfo myBSS = wifi.Search(myAP);

is odd as that method is not in the WiFi_RS21 class not the interface object’s class. What should that be? is it “Scan” again, and if so why scan again when the details were retrieved during the previous scan?