WiFi RS21 Module Power Consumption

In the catalog, for “Power Consumption” it says…

“40 @ 3.3 V, 0 @ 5 V mA”

Should that be 400 mA? 40 and 0 seems unlikely. Its not clear what this means.


@ ianlee74 - You are correct at how confusing the information was listed. However, the 3.3V current was not correct. The proper current draw is 130 mA and has been updated in the catalog.

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Thanks, Aron!

Is that 130mA peak or during idle? Seems low for peak. Unfortunately, I don’t really see any mention of power consumption in their datasheet.

@ ianlee74 - That power consumption was based on downloading a webpage and reporting on how long it took to download. That being considered, I suppose things were both transmitted and received and that power readout should be at its peek.

It is the current we physically measured on the module while running. We have no way of knowing what the peak might be but I would guess doubling what was measured is plenty.

Ok. Sounds good. Did you use a PowerMate for that measurement? :wink: