WiFi_RS21 Missing Library

I am trying to get started with my new Moutaineer USB and my WiFi_RS21 (Premium) module. I have a slight problem. When I drag the WiFi_RS21 (Premium) module from the Visual Studio toolbox to the Program.Gadgeteer window I receive this strange error:

Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer
The module could not be added:

  • A required library could not be found.

All the other modules seem to be ok… Just this one module is giving me problems and of course it doesn’t say what library it is missing. Reinstalling the “GHI Premium NETMF v4.2 SDK.msi” dated 3/13/2013 didn’t seem to help.

(See Attached Screen Shot)

Unfortunately, I think the Wifi module is a GHI specific module and works with GHI Premium boards only.

Correct, “premium” indicates that http://ghielectronics.com/catalog/netmf-offer-types

Got it. Sure wish that was better specified in the GHI catalog before I dropped $80 on it. I was really hoping to use it in my project.

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

It does http://ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/282 “Supported Through GHI Premium Libraries. Open source products and libraries do not support this module.”

Yes, I read that Gus, but the statement “Open source products and libraries do not support this module” is meaningless if you are a customer, such as myself, that does not know what is specified by “Open source products and libraries”. It would be much better to actually list specifically what is compatible with the module. I assume this list is short. I still can’t tell for example if my new Cerberus is compatible from the specification. I’ll find out tonight when I plug it in, heh.

Cerberus is NOT.

RS21 works on Spider and Cobra2 devices. Something that’s EMX or G120 based.

If you look at the specs for the cerberus in the catalog :


you see that : "Ethernet support is available through Ethernet ENC28 Module. WiFi[em] support is available through XBee Module. " [/em]

Heh… . Thanks guys.

So RS21 only works on Spider and Cobra2 devices… I suggest adding that to the product description, that is quite specific.

Not only these, all EMX and G120 stuff to but i lust agree i would be more clear if there would be a list with compatible devices (or at least a warning to check if you device is premium or not)

And G400 :slight_smile:

@ Gus - [off topic] G400 does not count because it’s only a preview :wink: