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Wifi RS21 Ad-hoc problem



I bought a Wifi RS21 module for my gadgeteer.

I use it with a FEZ Raptor.

The connection to my Wifi is working well with SID / PASSPHRASE.

But when I try to configure it as an AD-HOC spot, the network never appear in my wifi list.

Here is my code :

           if (!my_wifi_RS21.Interface.IsOpen)
            my_wifi_RS21.Interface.StartAdHocHost("Gadgeteer", GHI.Premium.Net.SecurityMode.Open, "", 10);
            my_wifi_RS21.Interface.NetworkInterface.EnableStaticIP("", "", "");

            my_wifi_RS21.UseStaticIP("", "", "");

            my_wifi_RS21.Interface.WirelessConnectivityChanged += Interface_WirelessConnectivityChanged;

If anyone can help… :slight_smile:


@ boulet - What is the client you are trying to connect with?


Hi James,

I try to connect from my PC to send HTTP request to my device.

I am running on Windows 8.1.


@ boulet - I was not able to see the network in Windows 8.1. However, I reverted to a Win7 machine as I know this used to work. The Windows 7 machine can see and connect. Unfortunately, according to this link: this is a known bug of Windows 8.1.

You will either need to connect via a router, use Windows 7 or wait for a bugfix to be released to Windows 8.1.


Thank you for you reply James.

I have the same problem on Windows Phone 8 (HTC 8X).

Do you think it is the same bug?



@ boulet - Yes. As far as I remember (but do not quote me on this as I do not keep up with Windows Phones) WinPhone8 is a direct derivative of Windows 8 so bugs are likely shared in things like the network stack. However, it is possible that the phone simply does not support it. Most Android phones require you to root the device to enable AdHoc.