WiFi RS21 & 2x Cerberus questions

The WiFi module product page says it only works with Spider. Since we are going to prototype with the spider, that’s fine.

Once we go “live” with our product, the Cerberus may our main board. Will this WiFi work with the Cerberus eventually? Is it a matter of getting the Cerb/Hydra out of “beta”?


Also, our sockets may eventually be 2xU and 1xK. Can the Cerberus socket #2 (A,I,K,U) be used with K & U simultaneously (with the extender or like)? If not, could something akin to the MaxIO or IO60P16 be used for this purpose?

What I’ve heard is that module w never work w an open source board. NDA issues w Redpine. Perhaps w an extender module and a logic sniffer you can figure out the workings and make your own driver.

Skewworks will eventually tackle this but there are too many other projects for it to be a priority at the ment unless there were a paying customer perhaps.

Thanks for the reply.

Skewworks is something to keep in mind if/when that day comes.

RS21 WiFi is supported with devices that supports GHI’s premium libraries like EMX module (On FEZ Spider) or the economic new G120 modules.