WiFi RN171 Problems

i try to use the RN171 instead the RS21 in a Project like that:

The sample code of the module is running, but there are some Problems:
When i start the Webserver, a Exception is throwing.

wifi_RN171.LocalIP is always ""
The event "ConnectionEstablished" is never fired, but a Client is connected (Windows Phone App).

In the Moment the main Problem is the non starting webserver, is it possible to use these object with RN171?

Thx for any help!

It is not possible to use any NETMF Networking objects with the RN171. The RN171 is a single-connection serial-to-network bridge. The ConnectionEstablished event should only fire when the RN171 itself is connected to an access point, not when a client connects to it. There is a built-in HTTPServer however in the RN171 driver.

Hmm, what is the recommended way of checking connectivity is ok? Normally I have seen examples of checking IP= - and then retrying…

That depends on how it is used. If it is being used as a HotSpot, then there is no real way of checking a valid connection as there are no connections at this point. IP should, however, be inflated with the requested IP address. We will check into that portion of the issue.

Unless you have changed it though, the IP address is

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I am just connecting to a wifi-router with a PSK, and then the Cobra gets an IP-assigned from the DHCP server there.

@ njbuch - And you’re using the RN171 as opposed to the RS21?

Umm according to this neither… https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/398

@ njbuch - That is the RS21 module. In this case, you can query a known address to check for connection. Checking the IP address is how you know that DHCP is functional and at minimum have been granted an IP address.

Ok, thanks. I have searched this forum for “windows way” of checking for connectivity, here is the link for recommend way…


Enjoy - and maybe put a note into the documentation about this.


I have a problem with my RN171 I did the firmware update and I lost it now I know how to get to the command mode, when I send the module “$$$” in it does not respond just displays a random character string.please someone can help me.?

@ hassan - Hi, welcome to the forum.
After the firmware update the RN171 is set to a Baudrate of 9600 for the serial connection. You must use this baudrate to get a first connection from your mainboard.
Perhaps this project can help:


If you have more problems, please start a new thread.