Wifi RN171 gadgeteer-driver for RN-XV Wifly module?

I have a few Cerbuino boards and RN-XV Wifly modules which share the XBEE interface.
I would like to use the GHI provided gadgeteer-driver of the RN171 module, for my RN-XV Wifly modules.

Is that an option, and if so, could somebody send me some information on that?

Thanks, Freeck

@ freeck - If you are still using Gadgeteer, then you will only need to modify the constructor of the driver to accept pin assignments and the COM string rather than a socket. If you are using pure NETMF then you will also need to convert the calls to the serial port and anything else Gadgeteer specific as well.

Hi James,

Thanks for the advise.
Question: the driver requires next to Rx and Tx, 2 extra signals i.e. RESET and RTS.
RESET is connected to the PB0-pin of the Cerbuino, but what about the RTS-signal?
According to the circuitdiagram of the Cerbuino the RESET seems to be disconnected from the CPU…!?


@ freeck - The reset pin is infact connected to the CPU at PB0 (pin 26). The RTS/CTS pins are not connected on the XBEE socket. These pins are only required for the driver if you are adding it to a K type socket. You may comment out the initialization of these pins in the driver and set the serial port constructor to not use handshaking.


Yes, I did so, and the driver is working now! So far so good, Great.
As my Wifly- module was not configured as an AP I tried to use the createAccessPoint method of the ghi-library, but that did not function properly. The wifly was visable as a AP, but I received no characters via the serial port from the browser. After a lot of frustrating experiments, I ran the in built program called web_app_238…Then an AP was created, and the webserver application is working now!
I do not understand the cause of this…but I can go forward from now… :slight_smile:
Perhaps this is an known issue?

@ freeck So you were able to get the RN-XV Wifly working with the RN171 driver? Including AccessPoint mode? 8)

What changes did you make? Perhaps you would be able to post your updated driver to codeshare?

@ sandy -
Hi, I have same utilitiy and driver code for the GHI RN171 module. It works in AP mode and Join Network Mode. The code is not yet in a state that it can be posted here but if you want I can send it via E-Mail. However the driver has to be adapted to to the XBEE socket.
Send your E-Mail address if you are interested.

Hi Sandy,

I changed a few lines of code, specific for theCerbuino board. Unfortunately I don’t have a source code control system …so a few extra modifications may be needed. BTW does anyone use a license free SCCS, with VS2012?)

           int baud = 9600;
            //int baud = 115200;

            //_wifly = new GTI.Serial(socket, baud, GTI.Serial.SerialParity.None, GTI.Serial.SerialStopBits.One, 8, GTI.Serial.HardwareFlowControl.NotRequired, this);
            _wifly = new SerialPort("COM1", baud, Parity.None, 8, StopBits.One); 

            _Port_Name = socket.SerialPortName;
            _baud = baud;

            //RTS = new GTI.DigitalOutput(socket, Socket.Pin.Six, false, this); 

I did not continue testing the AP mode , but perhaps the source of Roland is useful…Be aware that the RV171 only supports 1 internet socket…


@ RoSchmi - Thanks, i will give your driver some testing

@ freeck - Looks good. I will give this a try when i receive my Cerbuino. Also, thanks for the info about support for a single internet socket.