WiFi options?

I am putting the finishing touches to a G400-S design and want to add WiFi. On the previous version with the G120 I used the RS9110-N-11-22-04 module but these don’t appear to be available anymore. Mouser has no stock.

There are alternative devices that are new but I doubt they are compatible with the drivers on NETMF 4.38

I would like something as a drop in replacement so that I don’t have to re-write any existing code. Footprint can be different as I can just rework the PCB that is not yet complete.



Ha ha.

I found a company called Symmetry that say short lead time and min order 1 so fingers crossed I can get some from them.


I was just going to suggest Symmetry… Back in December they had around 124 of them in stock. I have an existing design that requires the same model as you are using and don’t want to change. Symmetry did say you can buy them in lots of 100 with like a 12 week delivery.

Csailor, Symmetry said the MOQ is 140 and I am unable to meet that need.

I need to look at an alternative now, if possible but with lack of support in NETMF 4.38 I doubt I will find it.

Since we’re on this topic, what would happen if we plugged in a wifi dongle into a G120? Are these devices just like modems with their AT commands? Could I theoretically write a driver that allows me to use them to send wifi data?

They are showing stock of the RS9110-N-11-22-05 so I have requested confirmation and if so, I will purchase few of them so at least I have some form of WiFi until GHI come out with something in TinyCLR that supports GUI and WiFi :slight_smile:

I better deal with this sparingly if i read this…


Or you could sell some of them for a profit :sunglasses:

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Not a problem if you can afford to order 140 of them at a time as the factory will honour those orders if you meet the MOQ.

PM the address for some samples :wink: