WIFI Modules - Tech Talk - 036

In this episode we talk about what goes into selecting a WIFI module for your project. We evaluate two modules, ST’s SPWFO1S & Expressif’s ESP32. We also demo a Mikroe WIFI 4 Click module on our BrainPad with a servo motor using Telnet.


Great video on the pros and cons of these two WiFi click boards.

In general, is there an example available for the C# NETMF code required to talk to a click board from BrainPad? I know different boards use different protocols, and I assume the implementation involves working with the BrainPad.Expansion class. I am interested in using the BrainPad in a more advanced class that talks to various click boards using SPI, UART, etc. I’m happy to develop the code for specific click boards, but would like to see at least one working “best practice on the BrainPad” example before getting started.


@ kengr - If you use an ESP8266 based module, the driver code is here, [url]https://github.com/PervasiveDigital/serialwifi[/url]

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@ munderhill - That WIFI socket in the ESP driver doesn’t actually use TCP/IP it’s just a serial socket?

@ Mr. John Smith - Not sure, there is a command to open a TCP/IP port and then you send data via that “socket”. That’s all I know, @ mcalsyn wrote it.

@ kengr - There are a LOT of materials coming for the BrainPad, including courses and drivers. WiFi is on the top of our list.


@ Gus - I reckon you know this already (saw in a flash moment in the beginning of the video a SPWF04 passing by) but as for the others interrested in the ST type of solution, the successor of the SPWF01xx does support FOTA too, at least to spec.

Have a look for those interrested and there is kind of a show case of using even another wifi board in/for netmf, the CC3100MOD


@ munderhill - Thank you. This is helpful.

@ Gus - Good to hear that more info is coming. I am in the process of selecting click boards to include in the course, and I also plan (time permitting) to write up information on how to write the code to talk to an SPI-based click, a UART-based click, etc. - each general category, and then have a demo for at least one specific click device in each category. If there is any general information available about this, even if it’s not quite ready for prime time, I would love to see it and perhaps contribute to it.

@ kengr - we should talk directly about this. Please email me gusi@ ghiel…