WiFi hangs on JoinNetwerk

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I can’t get the WiFi module of the FEZ board to work. It hangs on: JoinNetwork(“SSID”, “PASSWORD”) with SSID and PASSWORD replaced with the correct local values. Below a snippit if the used code. Any help would be greatly appriciated!

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class Program
    private static SPWF04SxInterface wifi;
    static GpioController cont = GpioController.GetDefault();
    static GpioPin reset = cont.OpenPin(FEZ.GpioPin.WiFiReset);
    static GpioPin irq = cont.OpenPin(FEZ.GpioPin.WiFiInterrupt);
    static SpiController scont = SpiController.FromName(FEZ.SpiBus.WiFi);
    static SpiDevice spi = scont.GetDevice(SPWF04SxInterface.GetConnectionSettings(SpiChipSelectType.Gpio, FEZ.GpioPin.WiFiChipSelect));
    static void Main()
        wifi = new SPWF04SxInterface(spi, irq, reset);
        wifi.IndicationReceived += (s, e) => Debug.WriteLine($"WIND: {Program.WindToName(e.Indication)} {e.Message}");
        wifi.ErrorReceived += (s, e) => Debug.WriteLine($"ERROR: {e.Error} {e.Message}");
        NetworkInterface.ActiveNetworkInterface = wifi;
        //You only need to do this once, it'll get saved to the Wi-Fi internal config to be reused on reboot.
        wifi.JoinNetwork("SSID", "PASSWORD");

the firmware of the SPWF04SA should be updated to the lates version.
Here is an example by GHI how to access the module:

I think that actually the ‘WaitForButton();’ command before the
‘wifi.JoinNetwork(“SSID”, “password”);’ can not be omitted.

I have collected some helpful links and information for my personal use on this pdf-file:

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Hello RoSchmi,

I am wondering if the WiFi firmware really had to be update?

It looks very complex and I had to search and buy PCB connectors and that USB to RS232 (FTDI TTL-232R-3V3) adapter. I thought it is a new board so basically everything should work.

First I will try the waitForButton. I real applications therse had to a wait and this will be done only once in Init or StartApp or something.

It is also neccessary that will work reliable.

Thanks RoScmi for the help!


Correct but then ST released a firmware that fixed some issues so our software got updated for that but sadly the ST firmware update is not 100% compatible.

Hi Gus_issa,

Thanks for your reply, I understand!

I think the WiFi module doesn’t work after updating the FEZ firmware. I have added the WaitForButton() before and after wifi.JoinNetwork(“SSID”, “password”) as suggested by RoSchmi but this has no effect…

I will first search and buy some PCB connectors and the USB to RS232 adaper. This will take days or weeks before I can continue.Can’t TinyConfig be updated so that also the WiFi firmware can be updated? BTW TinyConfig doesn’t work from a USB with Dell Windows 2012R2 Server but it does work from a USB with Windows 10.

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Sadly, there is no easy way.


I hadn’t seen the PDF made by RoSchmi. It is very helpfull to update the WiFi firmware!. Thanks RoSchmi!

I have allready ordered some PCB connectors, wires and an USB to RS232 adapter. It is not the recommedded but a cheaper adapter. I will post the results later?

@Gus_Issa Ok, but it was simply not expected that this much effort had to be done to activate WiFi.

Again thanks!

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Agree. We are investigating other options.