Wifi for Panda II: Suggestions?

(I see this question gets asked regularly, but I do not, yet, detect a clear answer. Sorry for raising the topic again!).

I have the GHI wired ethernet for Panda working fine.

My app is an http client app, running on the panda.

For next steps, I need to migrate this to wifi. The Wifi bridge from GHI is nice (and I ordered one), but will not work for my actual implementation.

Any votes here for what to use?

I have seen references to:

In the GHI framework, GHIElectronics.NETMF.Net I see references to:
Redpine and ZeroG ZG100M_Compatible modules (though I suspect this is for hydra/spider)


Thank you!

The Sparkfun shield is an option. As of today, GHI doesn’t have anything direct for panda beside using the bridge.