Wifi for $19 - Spark Photon

Dave, Long ago when I was playing with the original Spark Core, I created a video how to use Eclipse as the IDE and compile, and build locally for it. Then download via usb. I posted it in the forums long ago and to be honest I dont even remember my login for it anymore to find it.
Have a search in the forums. I know its not much help but it can be done.

I received my Photon in 3 days ago, had just enough time to power it up to ensure it worked and that’s about it. I will have to see if I kept anything from the old version to help me remember how to do it for the new one.

Is this the one? I could only find the Netbeans one.

Did you ever get debugging with single step etc working as I recall setting this up but only got compile and download via USB. I have the JTAG shield and a JTAG emulator that I would like to use.

I have recently been using the offline DEV but it still uses the online compiler but having the code local is better.

I’ve ordered 2 off the new 2G modules but they won’t ship until November. These have more appeal to me as then I can locate them in the likes of the home tome where there is no Wifi but GSM coverage. It will allow me to get data back from the house when we are not there.

@ Dave McLaughlin, Ah yes that’s the one. So much for my memory. I did later move from NB to Eclipse as I like eclipse far better than NB.
The process is very similar. To be honest I never use a debugger, so I never headed down that road.