WiFi Extension- Need for Speed

Hello All,

No matter where I turn I cant seem to find any WIFI modules that support more than 2mbps; the cobra wifi module included.

Has anyone had any experience with the true speed of this module over Draft N links? If so then what kind of data rates could one expect? Is 10Mbps possible?

The bottleneck isn’t the class of WIFI operation (A, B, G. N) it’s the transfer speed from the wireless adapter to the host device.

Yes, this is NOT a PC :slight_smile: Using 1000MB/sec module will not give you high transfer rates :frowning:

What we have now is the maximum you will get with the system/processors we have

So the EMX supports a max of 2mbps per second transfer rate? Is this because of the bus used; the SPI?

I think the average network access was about 200KB/sec… this is pretty darn fast considering what other things EMX is also running

200 KB/sec as in 1600Kbps?

That’s still pretty fast. considering.