Wifi enable problem with with EMX and MRF24 Wifi module


I have designed a PCB containing an EMX board and MRF24 Wifi module. The system locks up in the function WiFi.Enable(SPI.SPI_module.SPI1, EMX.Pin.IO2, EMX.Pin.IO26); (the board is flashed to the latest firmware.) The code runs fine on my EMX development board. A second behavior is that after a hardware reset (after a WiFi.Enable call) the system hangs at startup. I assume its trying to communicate with the MRF module. I have to flash the CLR/Config again to get it startup again.

I have double checked all SPI signals, both level and timing at the MRF side and EMX side… This seems to be all ok.

I was wondering: The MRF module is delivered by Farnell. Could there be a difference in firmware in the MRF module that causes the problem?

Thanks in advance,

We hope not but with microchip taking over zerog, we lost direct contacts and support. This is why GHI is moving to a new wifi module in near future. Details come in couple weeks.

Double check that your hardware matches those settings.

Is it necessary to have EMX pin “RTC_VBAT” connected to power in order to have WiFi or ethernet working?

Not needed