Wifi and Ethernet at the same time


I am working on a IoT gatewat project and we have managed to connect successfully over serial PPP using Wifi and using the internal Ethernet module on the SCM20260E.

That being said, we need to use both Ethernet and Wifi at the same time using sockets.
However, it appears that only one IP interface can be used at once.

Is it possible to use two or more IP stacks at once? We need to “forward” data from the ethernet to the wifi and viceversa.

Thank you.

Why not use a WiFi access point hooked to an unmanaged switch? We use that and it works well. As far as the module is concerned, it’s just opening 2 sockets on the ethernet port which it should easily be able to manage.

TinyClr only supports one network type at a time. If you want to run two network, then search this forum for “mIP”. This is an IP stack in managed code. Members have used it in the past to run two networks.

We cannot use an unmanaged switch because we will also forward data with a 4G LTE interface and we have limited space due to the nature of our project.

Regarding @Mike comment, I have not found any source code for mIP as all sources are/were hosted on codeplex which seems to be offline.

Is there any other solution for this? Any plans to support multiple TCP/IP stacks running at the same time for TinyCLR in the future? Anyone who knows where to find mIP libraries?

I have a similar application that I need to use Celluar out to Azure using TLS MQTT and wired Ethernet to local devices. (the local network has no Internet connection.)

Since TinyCLR only supports 1 network interface it seems that there are possibly 2 options.

  • “mIP” IP stack. Does this support the internal Ethernet hardware of the SitCore or only the ENC28J60? It appears that it is no longer in development and the original source code might be lost(?)

  • Wiznet W5500 hardware with BasicNet driver.

Am I missing any other possible solutions to the problem?

In TinyCLR would there be any conflicts between the builtin networking stack that would run the PPP connection to the cellular modem and mIP or the BasicNet driver? Can the co-exist?

Ethernet is supported through the internal MAC, by adding an external PHY (100BASE), and also by using an ENC28J60 over SPI bus (10BASE).

i stored a lot of code from codeplex here

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@valon_hoti_gmail_com thanks for the link to old Codeplex stuff.

In my application, the TinyCLR network stack is dedicated to the cellular connection. This is required to support MQTT with TLS to Azure IoT.

It appears, based on the mIP wiki, it only supports the ENC28J60, and won’t support the SitCore hardware ethernet, or the WIZ5500.

So my conclusion is that if I want to support hardware ethernet, as well as cellular connection I will need to add either:

  • add ENC28J60 and use mIP. The downside, +10yr old software with no support.


  • add Wiznet5500 and use the BasicNet driver.

Can anyone confirm my conclusion?

my two cent the best approach

  • Wiznet5500 and use the BasicNet driver and sitecore integrated Ethernet (or ENC28J60 SPI)
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I’d also recommend the wiznet.
Bad experiences with the ENC28J60

@Gus or @Dat_Tran am I on safe ground here using the Wiz5500 with BasicNet driver and cellular modem using the standard TinyCLR networking stack?

yes they are unrelated

@Gus_Issa , thanks for the confirmation.