Wicked Wednesday ®


4 zee Germans…


@ Justin - There’s the static again …

@ PiWi - Time to relocate? :wink:

@ PiWi - Michigan is icy right now but you would be able to watch Justin’s videos! ;D

@ Architect - Well, I’d might try Chicago for a wile … I’ll have to check on that, though … :think:

@ Gary - The above would be close enough I guess …

@ Justin - thanks for the link …

@ PiWi -

Well, I’d might try Chicago for a wile ???

I live in Chicago… Maybe the North Pole is a bit warmer than here…

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Chicago is only a few hours away, you and @ willgeorge can take a road trip and come on up! ;D

Justin where do you work again?

Today: 51.888200 -0.20528


Is that a ESP wifi being held in place with sugru?

And the device on the right - is that a WiFi hotspot?

Yes - 4G

Chewing gum? :smiley:

Schön! :clap:

What are this oled ? (GHI ? Homemade ?)

I wish someone would just go ahead and create 5G already.

@ bauland - DF Robot
@ mtylerjr - 5G researchers manage record connection speed - BBC News

What? Since when does the UK invent cool technology? That’s just weird.

Just imagine a Kiwi in the UK 8)

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